Naive, Cheesy, or Just Too Caring?


“If you die, I die too.”

“It will be a privilege to have my heart broken by you.”


There’s a lot of controversy about girls going after bad boys and what not!
I don’t know about you’ll, but I would definitely fall anyone who murmurs statements like the ones above. Which gets me to my topic – Writing about The Main Guys.

Blame books for making me believe that perfect guys exist only in imagination.
A lot of books show us how guys are good – Even if they start out as a jerk. But ‘Love’ transforms them.
Maybe it’s true … Maybe it’s not!
I don’t really know the actual solid reason of writing this post – here’s one of them – What makes the main guys ‘likable’?
Many YA books offer what is called ‘Insta-Love.’ You look, you like, you conquer.
Make believe that the two protagonist are made for each other and will survive over all odds.
You say the right words, the other falls for you and you two live happily ever after.

But for a writer (and for nerdy readers like us) we want/have to know what makes a main guy the way he is – and as my three options state – Either they’re Naive, Cheesy or Just Too Caring.

Though, being Naive does get you a good footing, I don’t know how many girls fall for a cute but mindless guy.
It’s one of those typical teenage drama.. Where the cheerleader dates the most famous handsome (dumb) jock .. Until (wait for it) a new guy comes to town, who is looking for more than just a making-out session, helps the cheerleader find her true self, and in the process fall in love.
Here, the jock’s at no fault- since he really doesn’t realize anything. He’s a good guy.. but does he make the girl’s heart tick always?
Nahhh, can’t say so!

“Girl, did it hurt when you fell down from heaven?” “Cause you’re an angel of God’s very own creations.”
I know what you are thinking, “Oh, puh-leasse!”
Is that gonna be your reaction when a guy says it to you face to face? I don’t think so.
Who wouldn’t want to hear stuff like that. A raining cloud of compliments is all a girl needs. It’s also what guys are good at (Most of the time) -The right usage of words.
But then, there are times and there are guys, who actually mean what they say.
So my last verdict? : Pending.

Just Too Caring: These are the Tobias Eatons, Peeta Mellarks and Augustus Waters and any other main male characters the literary world has to offer. In most cases, they also don’t exist.
Because honestly, one day in the week, the guy is bound to forget to text you.
Might be possessive, but won’t get down to a fight for it’s sake.
And well, will apologize for the stuff you expected him to do and didn’t do. And will make you feel he cares .. Until you compare him to fictional characters.
But hey! You can always expect him to sing outside your window at 2:39 in the morning!

As a writer and a reader .. I think for my main character, when it comes to love, it will be impossible to include only one of the above categories- because that’s what makes them just one dimensional.
You cannot have a perfect guy- because it’s not associative, in the same way you cannot make a guy entirely dumb or flirty!
So- I think a mix of the three- Gives you a real person.
The other characteristics depend on you – whether he is arrogant, or weak-minded, or smart!

So that’s it!
My thoughts on the lime-light guys!:)



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