Top Ten Tuesdays : Fictional Character Crushes.


Getting inspired by The Librarian Who Doesn’t Say “Shhh.”
I decided to start blogging on my Top Ten as well.

This Tuesday, it’s gonna be my Top Ten fictional character crushes.
I’m going to be including those from the books I’ve read, as well as the shows I watch on T.V, since these two constitute more than half the things that go on in the my mind.
So here it goes:

1. Kate Beckett (Castle) : Anyone who watches this show may fall for the ruggedly handsome best selling author- Rick Castle. But not me. This lady up there catches criminals in pumps, without breaking even a nail. What’s better? She can kill you within a moment. I like her fury .. I like her compassion. I love the way she avenges her victims. One may say, that it’s her duty as a detective to do so. But remember, only a person who loves her job will be amazing at it.

2. Tobias Eaton aka Four (Divergent) : Want me to spell perfection to you? Already have. Four might have just four fears, but that’s not why I like him. I haven’t really thought of why I do- but when I read, he makes me smile. His sarcasm is something that drops you off your bed, making you feel he’s almost supernatural and invincible. But I guess, mostly I like him for his human side, his frights and his courage.

3. Axl Heck (The Middle) : For someone who watches this show six times a day, I’m no fool to realize he’s one of the reasons why. Okay, so what do I like about him?
– is 75% of the time bare shirted
– has amazing comebacks
– and even though he has no clue of what he is doing (almost 98% of the time) he still manages to do it well!
– he’s a dumb jock.
So what more does one needs to like him? To quote, “You’ve just got axed!”

4. Patrick Jane (The Mentalist) : If you can tell me who’s the murderer just by observing people in a hotel cook… I’ll bow down to you.
And this is exactly why I like him. On a lot of shows, a lot of episodes lash out mysteries that seem impossible to solve until the last moment. Just when the criminal is walking away, the protagonist has a intuition.. and naps the murderer and saves the day!
But not for Jane .. because when criminals walk away from him .. They are walking right into his gift wrapped trap. So not only does he surprise his team mates.. but also me. Cause he is one guy who has solved the case at the 2nd interval and then pretends he doesn’t know a thing .. until the end, when he smiles while snoozing on the couch.

5. Murtagh (The Inheritance Cycle) : This was the first YA fantasy series I read. Most often readers fall in love with the main character (here being Eragon) and he’s great and all … until his half-brother comes into the scene in the second book ‘Eldest.’ This bad boy had me going nuts since then, because not only was he described hotter than his childish looking stable-boy half brother, but also because of how he tries to suppress the good inside him.

6. Becks (Time Riders) : So what happens when a robot tries to kiss you?
Okay.. Becks is not the stereotype robot you might be picturing with arms of steel and a metallic non-human like head (though she does have the strength of 50 men and a healing capacity faster than an remedy NASA has to offer)
This robo girl is more human that any of us could imagine. But only in looks. Because once words pour out of her mouth, it’s easy to make out something is wrong with her.
So what I like about her? When someone with supposedly no emotions, tries her best to fit into human society, out of her own free will, against the fact that she can overthrow half of them – is something.
And then it’s not hard to fall for a girl that strong, trying desperately to make you laugh, with a brain which has no understanding for hilarity. What say, Liam?

7.  Damon Salvatore (Vampire Diaries) : He eats you. He turns you. He makes your entire existence into one word : Vampires.
At least he doesn’t kill you … (not unless his humanity switch is turned off)
This guy has got me rocking from the time I first laid my eyes on him. He’s the kind of person you’d want to suck your blood, even without being compelled to do so.
So beneath all the sexy, arrogance and the blood stained mouth – I like the guy who is pretending to be all of the above. I like his ‘I-don’t-care’ attitude and the way even he- the almighty Damon.. gets his neck snapped and falls unconscious.

8. Ned Nickerson (Nancy Drew) : Nancy Drew, much? Yes. Ned Nickerson? Too much.
Even though most of the books don’t really portray Ned significantly, I (with all the good luck in the world) had chances of stumbling on books that did. Those were the really old series, where Ned is also the star, and not just a side-kick cum casual boyfriend. I have a lot of complains about how the relationship of the two is not properly broadcast, but not here. This lime light is only for Ned.
He’s the sweetest guy, you’ll ever know. Or read. He’s strong, yet vulnerable. Kind, yet will put you behind bars if he has to. Very protection. And possessive. And at the same time understands when you need your space. I guess, he was just made that way- simple, humble and loving.
Nancy, did I tell you how much I envy you?

9. Cinna (The Hunger Games) : Team Peeta or Team Gale?
Oh, please, I’m team Cinna.
Let me just tell you – for those who don’t appreciate him like I do. This guy, was one of the major sparks of the rebellion. Had he not created a grand stage for Katniss, she’d never even survive the first HG. Had he not created the amazing Mockingjay dress .. Katniss wouldn’t realize she was the Mockingjay.
And you have to admit.. we all prayed for him at the part where the peace keepers grabbed him and beat him, mostly probably torturing him till he dies.
But for me, he lives on.

10. Brooke Davis (One Tree Hill) : She’s not your regular rich, daddy’s girl. No, she’s filthy rich, and smart, and witty.. and the best you’ll come across in her species. She knows what she wants and she gets what she wants. But the part I like the most is that she knows how to get what she wants.
She’s sophisticated, she’s chic. And boy, does she know the abc’s of revenge. So better be cautious before you decide to play her, cause maybe she’s already playing you.
And if you break her heart, her achy breaky heart … she might take a step further and break your bones.

So that’s it! My Top Ten Fictional Character Crushes!
Hope you like it.
Being my first, I enjoyed doing it.. We should do this more often, no?




2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesdays : Fictional Character Crushes.

  1. Ooh, cool idea! I haven’t heard of anyone on this list besides Tobias, Murtagh, and Cinna… I disagree about Murtagh but I’m biased there because I didn’t like Inheritance. 😛

  2. Oh! That’s cause the others are from tv shows! 😛
    Thanks anyways:)

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