At the Dentist.

Yes, I have braces.
No, this is not an educational life changing experience.

Some days back I went for my routine checkup or what I call as the ‘visit where he tightens my braces and makes it hurt till I scream’
Nahhh, I’m just exaggerating!
I mean, it does pain.. And if my children ever had to have braces, well, I’d let them live with their teeth crooked. And most of the times when I’m reminded that I have an appointment- I’m scared out of my wits!
I have two piercing in the gums, springs, more wires than I can count, and circular metal around my molars that I dunno do the hell what!
But after one year and eight months.. I’m proud to say it’s easy to live with all the pain caused inside my mouth. (Insert sarcastic thumps up here.)

No. But really I am.
If anyone asks me if they should go in for braces, no matter how horrible their jaws look- I’ll say NO!
But for me, after going through all the pain, mild and extreme, it’s no biggie to sit in that chair with that light above me, blinding me till water streams down my eyes. And still be OKAY.
(And happy too, when he asks me which color rubber I’d like for my brackets and he tells me that menu for today is ice-cream!)

So maybe what I’m trying to say is.. As much I’d like people to avoid the pain of having braces, I’m not much bothered about it myself.(So what if I’ve to extract a tooth or two, and sit around the house all day holding an ice pack against my cheek?)

So is this post really about braces, and yada yada yada?


It’s about how we let pain accumulate in our life for years together (In my case One year an eight months) to the extend that it does not bother us at all.
In some way it’s good that we don’t let suffering come in the path of living.
And that we act tough all over.
But what happens when it gets too much? (Like the shock of me having to extract two more tooth now?)
And you feel betrayed. That you tried your best- you stayed strong. And yet, yet this stupid part of life called pain does not leave your back?

“Sometimes you should kick me, you know Vee, or at least shake me, when the pain gets unbearable.”
That was what my dentist said the last time I went there. He spent an entire hour doing my teeth, and the pain was bad. And I was clutching my palms till the color drained out of them. Though remaining silent.
And that’s when I realized that what he meant was that I could trust him.
Or at least I should try.

Or that sometimes it’s okay to show others that you’re a mess and that there are pains that you can’t handle.

Because no one’s made of iron so thick to go through enormous amount of heat and yet survive. (except Robert Downey Jr. of course)

“You’ve been waiting for a long, long time. Patience is an excellent virtue. But never confuse it to being strong. Strength is in believing you have limitations.
Well, next time you come, you’ll have your braces removed.”
(-My dentist again, you might think he’s a philosopher after hearing all that he says and at almost all my visits he tells me he’s going to remove my braces!)

So yes, I’m happy to have my braces removed. And every normal thing as removing even my braces provokes my deeper inner thinking, as you’ve read above. So next month- HOPEFULLY.. I’ll be braces free! (Otherwise I’m really gonna kick him.)

Till then I’ll keep smiling. You do that too!



(P.S The above^ is not me. If I post a picture of my teeth, you will not regain consciousness.)


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