Dreams may be one of the most complicated things to explain.
You don’t know why they occur at a certain time, why they depict the things they do, or why sometimes you can’t control it. But there’s one thing you can be sure of – Most of the times, they tell you something about yourself!

Most dreams are related to the unconscious mind. And the reason they don’t come to surface during consciousness is because even though they are lying about in our minds, we do not concentrate on them to the extend that even we don’t know they exist!

For example: I once had a dream when I made out with Josh Hutcherson. You’d say, celebrity crush, much? (At that time) I’d say, NO.
But then I understood that the reason he was in my dreams was not because I liked him as Josh, but because of the role he played of ‘Peeta’ in The Hunger Games. (Even though in my dreams he was Josh and not Peeta)

In ancient times, dreams were considered to be oracles or messages from God.
But rationalism in man developed, and as Sigmund Freud puts it, our dreams are a manifestation of our deepest desires and anxieties.

The thing why I like (rather Love ❤ ) dreams are because they seem very Real
I know every night when I go to sleep, I’ll enter a whole different new world, where every touch, every word feels real. When I get up, sometimes I’m as sure as hell feel they weren’t just dreams but an actual existence. They also inspire me. Sometimes I get a scene as a dream where I’m battling against another army using not blades and guns but my mind as a control, or sometimes I dream of doing some of the wildest things with my friends which I’d never do in reality- And that’s what sparks it up the most. Dreams are so original and creative- and they come from YOU!

There are even different kinds of dreaming, and my favorite is Lucid dreaming- Where a person is aware that he/she is dreaming and can even manipulate the situation. Which. is. so. cool.
And for someone who has experienced this- I know for sure it is something to look forward to.
Because there’s not a day, or rather night I should say, gone by without me dreaming about the least random of things.
And sometimes it’s tiring… Because when you’re dreaming it means that your mind is awake (and not resting) even though they body is asleep.
But on other nights, specially the ones that proceed a very horrible and not satisfying day- Dreams can come to a rescue.
Because dreams feel real. And sometimes it’s a sanctuary. It’s an escape.

Here’s a dream catcher. Hope all your happy dreams live on with you always, and inspire you:)




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