I’m worried about you.

From home to the train station and vice-versa, we have this transport call ‘share-a-cab’ where four people share the expenses of travelling that distance. I think it’s a good idea- it’s cheap, it’s fast and it’s available.

Last evening, I was taking a similar cab home. We usually have to stand in a line to the cabs. There was this young lady in front of me, and I had no problem with her- Until she wasted five minutes of the precious time I could have used to get home early.
Well, this is what happened.
She got into the cab, getting the middle seat, which took forever. And then she got out- unexpected because I was trying to sit next. And shoved me instead onto the middle seat without my consent! I really thought I was getting kidnapped. -.-
When I got in I realized the man on the third seat had a lighted cigarette in his hand. The lady who shoved me, now siting next to me on the other side, was looking distastefully at the man.

You might say, “Vee, that’s okay- she just detested smoking and didn’t want to sit next to him. Or maybe she had asthma.”

Honestly, if she had asthma, she wouldn’t have taken the same cab. Secondly, I don’t encourage smoking as well, so I understand. But that lady had a mouth. I would have gladly got into the middle seat if she would have just requested. It’s nothing to be ashamed of- But the way she behaved with me was not polite.

I know she was just trying to take care of herself, that she didn’t want to be in that situation- But at the cost of making someone else go through the same thing?
If she wasn’t comfortable, how could she be sure that pushing another person into the same situation would leave them comfortable?

How many times have we ourselves been inconsiderate about others?
In the urge of making ourselves adequate, we forget about them And then how can we expect them to heed to us when we need them?
How can we demand consideration when we have showed none ourselves?
How can we point fingers and pass snide remarks of how they think of just themselves- when we ourselves are not a tiny wee selfless?
How can we say, “I’m worried about you” without being worried about the person in the mirror who stares back at us?




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