Meeting Finnick.

Today I skipped college (And I’m not using the word ‘bunked’ cause I want this to sound innocent) and went out to meet one of my newly made internet friend. He also happens to be my friend Tris’ ‘exclusive’ friend, and you can’t imagine how excited I was to meet him. I kept smiling during the entire journey from home to college.

So today, he just happened to come to that area of the town where my college is situated.. And.. after a terrible, tiring, tremendously hot walk in the heat of sun, I finally met Finnick for the first time!

And to quote directly from my tweet of 20 Nov, 2012, “I’m still gonna hate ‘First Times’ … But today wasn’t half bad!”
And in true honesty.. It wasn’t! I loved meeting Finnick. And that cute hug he gave me as soon as I saw him, was the most warm and heart-filling feeling ever, at a first approach.

I think we hate first times, because we are unprepared. And this makes us scared. We always love to be sure of things, to be in control, and this knowing is what keeps us secure and comfortable. It’s what ties us together to make us who we are.

And when we are put in a situation where everything is alien to us- like meeting somebody for the first time, our first kiss, an unexpected question or confrontation- we go all haywire and freaky. And then embarrassed for the way we reacted.

I think we all mess up sometimes. We all make mistakes. We all do stuff that we are not proud of. And admit it, we cannot be ‘cool’ all the while.
Because part of being cool, is accepting that you are not perfect- that at the first instance a newly made friend won’t laugh at your jokes, or your first relationship isn’t going to be a fairy tale, your answer might not be very correct, and in front of a very dignified personality, you WILL be drooling in sweat.

And at such points, only acceptance is going to help you be who you are.

Dear Finnick,
Thanks for making me realize all of this- that even though I’m supposed to be like your evil twin, and you have expectations of how our first time would be the best time- It can’t. And that nobody in this planet can keep up to living how another person views them. That this pressure to please everybody is just a weight we can take off. And that sometimes while we’re eating loads of fries (Picture below) we can sit awkwardly and not talk at all.


Because if people can’t love us for our short comings, maybe they shouldn’t love us at all.

Ah. Thank you so much Finnick. You’ve been so inspirational.. I had to blog about meeting you 😛



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