“My thoughts are stars I can’t fathom into constellations.”
-The Fault In Our Stars.

No, I’m not giving you an astrology lesson!

My bed is placed right next to the window. So every time I lie down, I can look out of it and count the planes go by. Last night was something similar, however I was thinking about what should I blog next? And then, not very far above, I saw it- Twinkling across, the size of a dot- A star!
Stars remind me of many things. Mainly about summer, because mostly the sky is clear and it is full and blasting of these precious sparkles.
It reminds me of light (Aha but of course:P) And of distance. And of formation.
Yes, it reminds me of celebrities too!
But mostly, it reminds me of endurance.

From our conception to the moment we are breathing today we are thrown into innumerable hardships. Everyday there is a moment of pain, a moment of grief, and even though a rainbow of happiness outnumbers the suffering, in the long run, this pain does have control over us. I’m talking about heart-breaks, and failures, and friends who have strayed away, criticism, and rejection. parents- people being disappointed in you, the question that arises- Have I been worthy enough? for others? for myself?
And then think about formation, distance and endurance.
We are stars. Not just our thoughts- but all our actions, our behaviors, our cognition, our entire being.
We are those lights that are distant in every other living creatures’ life.
They have no clue what’s going on inside you. Just like a star, they can see you from afar- n number of light years away, quiet and undisturbed, visible beautifully only against a calm sky.

But what do they know about that luminous sphere of plasma held by gravity?
Because they do not know anything that happens inside us. The millions of decisions, emotions and thoughts. What they see is our outwardly action- our light.
And that’s why against all the blames and criticism and ‘politely’ given advises, we have to stand strong. We have to keep the light burning. We have to show that no matter what happens, out lives are equivalent to the lives of those stars in the sky- massive, huge and successful.
And that’s why we cannot give up until the hydrogen in us does.

So, keep shining. Keep rising.




2 thoughts on “Stars.

  1. Whoa. Keep writing! šŸ™‚

  2. Aha. Yeah, thanks:)

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