It’s free and always will be.

^Read this before?

Hmm? Maybe this will help.


That was intentionally created to get familiar or in touch, or the then used term ‘membership’ limited to only Harvard University students (merging with other colleges later) is now the 21st century must-be-on site that connects friends and family all over the world.
From 13 to 103 year olds (and I literally mean that) Facebook is a host to a large variety of people.

The Facebook evolution is one of the most talked and ranked issue, year after year, whether it’s about adding a new ‘promote’ option, or ‘tag’ or the newly built up ‘timeline.’ Facebook is one of the sites that makes you feel that you have to be on it to be in touch with both your personal and worldly news around you.
But the best thing Facebook is to people is a way to spend their time, pass their minutes, take stuff off their minds, or simply waste hours because they have no other work to do (or want to do!)

Last year or one and a half year ago, spam messages such as Facebook would now be charging to be used came to surface. Sent that too from the founder himself, Mark Zuckerberg. Of course, as now if in the next minute you’d sign into your account, on your Facebook sign in page, you’d see the sentence (Title of this post:D) as a prominent reminder that all such messages are fake.

And by the word ‘Fake’, I recall several incidents happen in my timeline in Facebook. Everyday, I see several I.D’s or supposedly created profiles of celebrities, famous business men, etc, accepting friend requests of commoners like us. And I’m not talking about pages (which you can just like) dedicated to them. Twice, and I have it in bold because I’m disgusted by the fact that twice, fake profiles of me have been created and pictures that should not be viewed have been posted. And oh, what about the times, you see your friends sharing vile links that you know they won’t possibly post. And those pictures where you either like for grumpy cat or comment for Justin Bieber? I’d rather self like my own post, honestly.

But it helps me remember birthdays of about 500+ people (WOW!) and events, and tells me what my friends are doing, like I can see the pictures they liked on Tumblr, or the new happening song of the week shared from Youtube, or simply, their statuses, comments, what they have to say, what they think, their pictures- memories, share them with people over distance, make friends, getting to know those who were already your friends, get news from pages of your favorite band or book or movie. Facebook is like a platform of conversing, because many people are awkward on their first face-to-face talks, Facebook comes to the rescue! It helps build up relationships. It kind of tells the world a little about you.

With this it also rather disguises you, because it’s very easy to keep up a sophisticated profile online, and not-so-good personality offline.

But anywho, I think that Facebook, just like all the other things on this planet, has an up and down, a low and high- but I am thoroughly grateful that a site like Facebook does exist.




2 thoughts on “It’s free and always will be.

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