Titanic – More than just a love story <3

“Every night in my dreams
I see you…
I feel you …”

The melody of this song haunts me even before Rose let goes of Jack and he sinks into the  sea. Beginning it with such heart-capturing music, as Rose gets out of the car, gazing at what people say is ‘the ship that God himself can’t sink’ it takes us all back to 1912, where it all started between the two lovers.
But, does it really?

Look at Jack, orphan, broke and dependent all on his talent to survive in this world.
Rose: who had everything she ever needed and nothing that she truly desired.

The titanic is so synonymous to the society – the ship divided according to different classes.The unshakable belief of power owned by the 1st class. The petty talk of wealth, status, even of manners at the table! When deep down all of it is a pretense. That two people, just because of their financial difference should not fall in love, that they should stay in their own worlds. And if they indulge in such acts, the society will not accept it.

A lady has to obey her fiance, but he in turn does not have to bother about what she wants, or feels. Even before getting married, she has to act like his owning, while he is her master.

Two very big examples of importance of status is the lice-checking line only for the 2nd and 3rd class boarders, and the life-boats.
And my my, how should we forget pride? The over-confidence that RMS Titanic cannot and will not ever sink. And what happen’s when it does meet it’s due fate? Oh well, that’s the time they hide the fact that all people on-board are open to risk of dying, and instead lie to them saying it’s only a drill.
And when it finally comes to the point of saving the humans on the boat, those with more green notes are considered to essential to survive than those who don’t have a penny. 12 first class people sail a boat that can hold up to 60 people.

Have you seen such a scenario before?

Think a little harder. Because you have! It happens everyday, in and out, and therefore as I watched Titanic for the 12th time, it gave me a glimpse of not the past but the present, it made me familiar with the world we are living in today.


“…And my heart will go on and on.”



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