Sacrifice That Does Not Let You Give Up!

So, this season of Lent, as usual I gave up the two most important C’s in my life – Chocolate and Chicken (Along with all other non-vegetarian items.)

And two weeks down, I can say that temptation has not put off my spirit.

But this post isn’t about me.

I’ve normally heard people saying that during Lent, we should give up the things we like most or enjoy from. Since, most people enjoy eating meat, they sacrifice that. Or no alcohols during Lent. Or like me, giving up chocolates.
This process of sacrificing is a kind of penance we make ourselves go through, in a way preparing ourselves for the passion of Jesus Christ. It is a method of saying we are sorry. Or we acknowledge our wrong-doings (And as the priest said in the sermon last Sunday->) A sign that we want to come back, all washed up and clean. Because Jesus did die to release us from our sins. He suffered for us, and this is the least we can do.

But some days back my granny said something in particular that hit me. Sometimes it’s useless to give up the things we like, if we keep doing the things that are wrong. Like, I could not eat chicken for the entire 40 days, but if I constantly back-bitch about someone, my sacrifice is yet another waste, and in a vast sense a whole lot of mockery.

So maybe what I’m trying to say is that we don’t necessarily have to fast, or sacrifice. We don’t always have to give up on things that we like. But what we have to do is- Build ourselves with values that overpower the vices.

Because Lent to most people in general is about Sacrificing and Penance, when actually it’s about making ourselves better, and worthier, and true.


And that’s why our Lent should not only be for a span of 6 weeks, but life-long.
For those who do not follow Christianity, morals are morals, and I’m sure what I stated above^ will sound right to you too.

So to everyone, Sacrificing is like a clap that will not sound without two hands. So if you are interested in sacrificing, I’d recommend you start with your bad habits, your ego problems, your temper. Then chicken and chocolates, vodka and beer will be a piece of cake!




3 thoughts on “Sacrifice That Does Not Let You Give Up!

  1. the two important Cs. Pretty sure I’m one of the important ones there ;0

  2. You’re the very important one that I can’t sacrifice!

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