Story Behind A Story

So today, I went for a movie named ‘Kai Pe Che’ which literally means ‘The kite has been cut.’


It was truly a fun, utterly imaginative and well-placed movie. (That I totally didn’t expect it to be) But as the movie’s final credits rolled it got me thinking about the moral of the story. And that’s when I realized that a story didn’t necessarily require a moral or a lesson to follow up. Sometimes, all a story needs to do is get it’s audience involved in it.

Maybe I’ve been too late on my process of realization, and you out there already knew that. But I have constantly resorted to find meaning in every instance of life. I read ‘Fault in Our Stars’ and the brilliant author John Green got my curious instincts buzzing to level pro.

So why is it important to understand every detail of practically everything we come across? Because we are humans. And we settle for nothing less than what we want. In this case, knowledge. To know more than we already do. This need of understanding almost everything. To find meaning in the word meaning.

We could sit back and just stare at a cocoon and wonder what colored butterfly will flutter out of it. But no- We want to know ‘Why’ it forms the cocoon in the first place. We want to know why that apple fell DOWN from the tree. Or why Voldemort created seven horcruxes instead of five.

And while most of the time we do find the answer, there are times when we don’t.

And you know what? THOSE are the moments to appreciate a story just for the sake of being an existence.



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