Awkward & Trust

The title, right?

Let me explain with a story of me and my friend Clint 🙂

My friend Clint lived on a street that faced a playground, also the one that came in my route to many places. About a year and half back, this guy who would sit on the front porch of his house, began waving at me. A good 4 – 5 years difference between us, I didn’t know how to respond other than to wave back.

And then I made a friend.

It started with poking on Facebook, chatting, exchanging numbers and now our most recent approach- hanging out with each other for a bare of 5 minutes.

The first time I met him and actually ‘spoke’ to him was the day after my birthday when I went over to hand him some chocolates. It so happened that I was out of town for my birthday and he made sure I received all of his 7 messages. (I know, Awkward!)
So I thought it would only be right if I show my appreciation with a few bars of chocolates. (Now, that’s the grandest way, isn’t it?)

At first, I had no clue what we would talk about. My plan: Hand the chocolate and run away from there. His plan? TALK. We spoke so much. From cars, bikes (stuff I don’t like :P) to college and playing badminton across the street. And it was so AWKWARD! At some places I just stopped opening my mouth, letting him dissolve in his stories. At others, I was forced to think about the stuff we’d have in common. The good part was that he seemed sure about himself and also of me apparently because he narrated some of his ‘funny’ experiences. I knew he wouldn’t share such things with a stranger!

So yes, I wasn’t a stranger. But yet, every time I messaged him and he took more than an hour to reply, I secretly felt that he didn’t care, or was busy making fun of me with his ‘grown-up’ friends, or something worse.


We are always expectant on receiving the worst or the best, that we forget that if someone has invested a substantial amount of trust in us, maybe we could do the same: Sit back and enjoy the outcomes. Also sometimes, we look at the world as an audience, whom we have to constantly entertain. And well, Awkward isn’t the best show-stopper.


Through Clint, I’ve realized that we have to trust people enough that they won’t think about us in a bad way. We have to believe they are non-judgmental people who want to make friends and have fun, no matter how weird or awkward WE get. Because they have gone through it as well. And also because, just like we don’t care about the mistakes our friends make, they don’t care about ours either. Cause everyday is an embarrassing story. And you can either live with it or live in it. The ‘in’ part is about indulgence, that’s when you can show the world, you’re fine with being in that situation again and not just living with it as a past.

Today, I met Clint once again. I actually waited outside his house for 3 – 4 minutes without calling out to him, though he could clearly see me from his porch. My intention? To make it as awkward as possible and trust him to be fine with it.

It worked. 🙂



P.S. Let’s just hope he doesn’t experiment the same with me!


2 thoughts on “Awkward & Trust

  1. Haha, O awkwardness! Life’s just one big string of awkward, peppered with instances of cool. But overall, just awkward.

    Funny post 🙂

  2. Yeah 🙂 True.

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