That Place Called ‘College’


Spending at least ten years of your life in a place where everything was known to you, where everyone was familiar, where the environment was another mate, and your daily time-table was on the tip of your tongue, ‘routine’ wasn’t actually a spoken word because in a blink of an eye you knew what to do next, what to expect, and the most important, what you were expected to do.

Now after that extensive period of time, you are picked up from normality and dropped in a totally NEW place.


Area, friends, teachers, surrounding, interactions, food, routine (Yeah! now you’re getting used to this word) concepts of handling your money, time, energy, even your skills as a person.

How does that feel?

When everything around you didn’t know a thing about you!

Starting. Over. Again. After. Ten. Years.

I’ll tell you about how I felt. I got admission in a college of my choice, thankfully, and also the first and only college I had chosen. I was all in to start over again. It was so exciting! New friends, new situations, new stories. And then BAM! The first day of college!
It was a nightmare! I didn’t know anyone, and honestly nobody was interested in knowing me. They already seemed to have friends and had formed groups. And here was I roaming a nomad.

Today, after 7 months of my first year in college (And it’s almost coming to an end :[ ) I am as content and happy as I could have ever been. No. I’m not the most popular person in college. But you know what? I feel this rush of happiness when I realize how many people even remember my name! 😀

So what changed in these months?

For one, I experienced a horrible, disheartening one month of college, which made me realize that to know joy, you have to know the absence of it as well. Then, I made friends. With the wrong people. But nevertheless I did! And that taught me, well, if it was so easy to make friends with the people who are not my type, how much more easier will it be to make friends with the people who are similar to me! (And that includes people who love Castle, books, and oh, me!) After you’ve made friends with the people who you are comfortable with, then everything follows the right tract!

Another part of college, is travelling & etc 😛
Travelling is like the most easiest thing ever! Okay, not really, but you always have to be smart, be alert. Carefully analyse the route, because where I stay, without that I will not survive. Keep a tab on your money. College age is also that period, when your parents hand out a little extra money cause they know what you might go through and what you might need. But that doesn’t mean you gotta blow it off all at one go. Personal advice: You can always save some for later. Comes handy.

Studying. Cause the biggest reason that you’re going to college is to study, right? So make sure you do. You don’t have to sit up nights, trying to learn something by heart. But at least you can try your best to take in as much as knowledge you can from your precious attended lectures. Do your projects with enthusiasm, friends will always make it better.

Time: It’s so important you know what to do when. So, my advice: Keep a watch round your wrist, like always, and abide by it. Whoa! This is getting out of hand, there’s so much I want to tell you. Here are so more: I bunked a lot (I’m expecting to be on the blacklist this month) But no, the real point is that it’s okay to skip lectures but know your limits. Go out, explore, discover, watch movies, visit historic-monumental places, gardens, hang out, have fun, enjoy.

And did I get pass these seven months?… The answer started like four paras ago! 😀

I’m still learning, experiencing, how to adjust, how to manage, how to live. But in the end, it somehow all fits in.

This. Is. Life.

Ah! Exhausting, but worth it!


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