“… And when you’re fifteen,

somebody tells you they love you, you’re gonna believe them.

And when you’re fifteen, feeling like there’s nothing to figure out.

Well, count to ten, take it in, this is life, before you know who you’re gonna be.

At fifteen…”

I was listening to music, letting the cold air blow through my hair, while the car flew forward on the National Highway. Unfortunately, the ^above mentioned song hadn’t played. My phone beeped very loudly, and again, the back seat was full of life. When I unlocked my phone, the time showed 12:06 A.M. I had challenged myself not to touch my phone or check the time from the past half an hour of driving, blindly changing the songs that I didn’t like. But now I didn’t fight myself. The hour had come.

The message read, “Happie Birthday! 😀 :* …”

The entire car was now livened with the Birthday song.

And then it was over.

I thought turning sixteen would be something of a big deal. But even today, two weeks later, I feel the same. The same old, restless, weird, persistent, smiley, awkward person I was on the last day of being Fifteen. (I have other qualities too, don’t worry!)

So why does turning 16 make it Sweet Sixteen, or turning 18 give us a right to vote or 21, the legal age to drink? When deep down we celebrate just another circle of a year passed and not a circle of improvement.

The saying, “Maturation comes with age,” may be slowly deteriorating. Because even though we are growing physically, our mental growth is kind of stalled. We live in denial, as said by my friend, because we refuse to see past the materialistic benefits and objects in life. We take the time and opportunity given to us for granted.

“My best friend gave me, the best advice, each day’s a gift and not a given right.”  -Nickelback.

EXACTLY. We celebrate completing an journey ’round 365 days, when we forget to appreciate the worth and value of each day in that year. And not just the meaning, but also the chance to be better than before. Being hypocrites stating that since we are older, we have the right to be ‘right’ and deserving. But, is it?

Well, whatever you chose to answer, make sure you are being completely honest with yourself. Because, this life, is a gift. Every year you age, is a gift. And this gift is precious. Some times we take it for granted, or worse, we have fallen so much that we don’t even try notice the privilege of living another year.

I know this topic is very abstract. And the title doesn’t really make sense. But to me, it does. Because I understood  the meaning of turning another year old, in the last minutes of being Fifteen. 🙂




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