Quote. Unquote.

“We believe in small acts of bravery. In the courage that drives one person to stand up for another.”

I wanted to talk about my favorite book. Then I realized that I don’t have ONE favorite book. And that made me think why? Was I so inadequate about myself that I didn’t know what I liked or what touches me the most? And that’s when I realized, all of the stories I read touch me, leave a scar, and demands me to recall them whenever I can.

Why do the words ‘Always’ and ‘Okay’ make a difference now? Even as I type I’d have to use my toes as well to count the number of people smiling at that mention. It’s because we have this incredible talent of associating and making unknown things a part of our lives.

Two weeks ago, I was in a bus with my mum, reading a book, siting at the window seat. I knew, of course that in another five minutes I was going to finish the book. And I did. and then I started crying. Because the book ended? Not at all. That’s the upside of reading,  a book is always at disposal. But I was crying because I finished another chapter in my life by finishing that book.

When I was younger and would have to speak about ‘Books being our BFFs’ kind of topics, I would normally say that, yes they are, because they never leave you, they are always there when you need them, you can relate to them, they provide you with so much of information and entertainment. And all this IS true.

But more than that, it’s communication. It’s another person’s view, another person’s story, another person’s lesson learnt the hard way. And the best part is when you can take that view, story or lesson and make it your own.

When you read a book you don’t come across just one person. You come face to face with scores of personalities that you didn’t even knew existed. And that’s how you understand. Because sometimes you just have to take the back seat and watch and observe. And reading a book is that opportunity where you get to learn with being prone to a little to no danger.

Don’t get me wrong. But even though there’s no real danger involved, there is a risk. Because when you read a book you have to keep your mind open. It’s the same thing as saying, “Oh I watched the movie, why should I read the book?” But if you should know, I’m in contact with people who read Twilight just to clear out notions. And it’s not a bad thing. Because versatile reading helps us to be ready for the unexpected, helps us understand our beliefs and also, well, if you spend 45 minutes in train doing nothing but listening to music, you might as well get that lonely book our of your bag and read.

All in all, I’ve learnt many things, that while in the coming centuries holding an Hunger Games might never keep back rebels, in the most trying of times, you do learn how to sacrifice. You may live a society where being different is not acceptable, but remember you were born to stand out. Time machines may come into existence in the later parts of the evolution, but mistakes are made, not for the mere reasons of regret but also for improvement. You may want hard to go back in the past and change things, but things are perfect the way there are right now. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities. And we are gifted a part of ‘Forever’ in our lives. And sometimes we have to do what is right, even though it may hurt us in many ways and benefit us in none, but we are inquisitive beings that don’t give up.

Where did I get all that from?

Reading, ofcourse.

So… I finally think I’ve discovered what topic I’ve been talking about. It’s reading.

To quote Mark Haddon,  “Reading is a conversation. All books talk. But a good book listens as well.”

To read, or not to read. You decide. I like my choices, I hope you do!



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